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EDCO steel siding is a practical, cost-effective investment in your home or building’s beauty and durability. EDCO products are backed by over six decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality building products.

Extreme Durability

Our talented team of engineers has taken every measure to ensure EDCO steel siding withstands severe weather changes. EDCO steel siding is stronger and has more rigid panels than other similar products, ensuring tight seams and a straight, clean appearance.

Lasting Beauty

Everyone knows that painting exteriors can be costly and inconvenient. Our virtually maintenance-free products match your lifestyle. You’ll never have to paint again! And our products provide a clean, distinctive look that vastly improves the appearance of your home or building.

Superior Design

EDCO steel siding is available in five distinctive styles and numerous designer colors. Durable rigid steel panels offer a clean tailored appearance.

Lifetime Warranty

EDCO steel products carry a lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty with hail and fade protection. The warranty is also transferable should the original owner ever decide to sell.

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Some of the many advantages of Permanent Steel Siding include:


Soffit & Fascia

EDCO soffit and fascia products are designed to work as a complete protection and beautification system.

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Design Backed by Research

Our talented team of engineers researched the effects of long-term exposure to temperature extremes, moisture and air pollutants. Their studies confirm the need for a means to control moisture and rotting problems inherent in eave and overhang design, while at the same time offering proper temperature balance and energy performance. The facts collected from these studies formulated the specifications for EDCO’s corrosion resistant materials. The result is a soffit and fascia system that exceeds all building code requirements while maintaining our high standards for design and curb-appeal.

Extreme Durability

Based on decades of research by EDCO’s own engineers, we’ve developed corrosion-resistant materials that resist even the harshest outdoor conditions. Heavy-gauge Aluma-Kore metal is factory prefinished with our exclusive eight-stage baked-on coating, specially formulated to withstand years of exposure to the elements. We back our product with the industry’s best warranty. Period.

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Energy Efficient

Our unique center vent and full vent soffit panels help to control energy costs by lowering the interior attic temperature of a building during the summer and controlling familiar ice dam buildup on roofing during the winter.

Lasting Beauty

EDCO soffit and fascia systems are designed to complement new homes as well as remodeling projects. Our products are color-coordinated with Crestline, Vetter, Marvin, and Andersen, as well as other manufactures of prefinished windows. EDCO soffit and fascia systems are available in either aluminum or steel, with 17 enamel, 14 PVC and 10 Entex color finishes to choose from.

Product Warranty

EDCO offers a 50-year transferable warranty that guarantees this product will not crack, chip or peel.

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